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Middleton in May.

May? Or January? Thermal longs, winter gloves, fleece beanie, neoprene overshoes. Just a short spin today - and an even shorter post. The result of a combination of the temperature, bank holiday traffic and the desire to get back to watch Saracens v Exeter. Still, plenty of time to get a pic of today's target, The Bateman Arms in the square in Middleton by Youlgreave. So it was up through Alport and Youlgreave before descending into The Square in Middleton.

Now going by the inspired name of Square House this former inn closed in 1918. Only having a six-day license it was spotted open on a Sunday by the lady of the manor as she returned from church. Shortly after, its license wasn't renewed.

The former Bateman Arms in Middleton by Youlgreave.

Despite the temperature it certainly looked quite springlike in places. very vernal, in fact.

A very vernal view...

...and a piece of rural art.

Right! That's it! As promised, short and sweet. Time to shower, eat, pour the pint and settle down to the rugby.

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