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In no particular order, some links which may, or may not, be of interest.

The Lost Pubs Project.  An online community project to archive England's lost pubs.

Closed pubs blog.  A pictorial catalogue of some of the country's lost pubs.

Aldwark Artisan Ales.  A very local micro brewery producing some cracking ales.

Jämtlands Bryggeri.  A small brewery in Jämtland, Sweden, who make some lovely English style beers. They do some rather nice other stuff too. 

Matlock Cycling Club.  Guess what?  A cycling club based in Matlock.

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Norfolk Pubs.  A comprehensive and ever-expanding record of Norfolk's pubs, both past and present.

The Inn Sign Society.  A society dedicated to preserving the record of the UK's pictorial pub signs.

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