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Amber From Aldwark.

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Surely Aldwark must've had a pub. I'd never heard anyone mention one, so I did a bit of digging.

The lists of Winster voters show a William Smith residing in Aldwark from 1836 to 1853 and qualifying on the basis of the Bull's Head Inn. Was this actually in Aldwark as there was also a Bull's Head in Winster itself? Probably. The only William Smith that I could find in Winster didn't seem to have any connection with an inn and the Royal Mail's database shows a Bull's Head linked to Green Farm in Aldwark, where there are still Smiths farming.

Census records also threw up a Red Lion Inn, operated by a William Greatorex in 1841 and by his son-in-law, Samuel Longden, in 1851. The Post Office Directory of 1855 has a William Longden there but that's the last trace I have found of it. Perhaps it closed with his death.

So, with a couple of possible bygone boozers to track down I set off on my trusty VooDoo but had a double failure. No pics. I couldn't establish which of the buildings around the green was the former Bull's Head and of the Red Lion I could find no trace nor clue. If anyone reading this (ha ha!) can point me in the right direction for either it'd be good.

Despite the lack of pubs I have had a beer or two in Aldwark. Back in December I attended the official brewery launch of Aldwark Artisan Ales (AAA). All I can says is, great folks, great set up, great beers.

Bright brewery, bright beers. Courtesy of AAA.

Blurry because of no flash, not too many Frankensteins.

This little brewery produces a cracking range of ales. track 'em down. You won't be disappointed.

Courtesy of AAA.

I was thinking of nipping up to the Flying Childers this evening as it's Stuart and Mandy's last weekend but have decided to stay in and watch Tigers (hopefully) beat Northampton – with a bottle or two of Amber from Aldwark. After all, I can always nip up to Stanton tomorrow.

And as for the two missing bygone boozers, a little more research is needed.

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Hi I live in The Bulls Head in Aldwark. Can you email me. I may have a little more information for you.

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Will send you a message tomorrow. Looking forward to hear anything that you can tell me.


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