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A Brace In Bakewell 2.

June 2019's summer weather continues. Yep! It's tipping down again and I've no intention of going out to get wet, so here's a brief return visit to Bakewell that doesn't involve any pedalling.

The first bygone boozer has pretty much defeated me.

The Former Bluebell Inn.

The Peak District National Park Authority's 2013 Conservation Area Appraisal for Bakewell has this as the former Bluebell Inn with no further details. I'm sure they'll have done their research but I can find no reference to it in any census records or trades directory that I've access to. It my well have ceased trading by 1828 but I've no idea. Standing on the sharp bend on Stanedge Road it does looks the part of a 18th/19th century inn though.

The second bygone boozer is much more well-documented. The Royal Oak stood on the corner of Matlock Street and Granby Road. It's listed in the 1828 Pigot's Directory and was operating until it was flattened in 1974 as part of the scheme to widen the A6. I've tried to find a picture of it in operation but have so far failed. The site is now occupied by shops and flats.

Site of the former Royal Oak in Bakewell.

The development's name ensures that although the boozer is bygone, it is not forgotten.

Gone, but not forgotten.

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